During my time at Ae7, I was primarily a member of the 'Shell team' that oversaw all the exterior and interior façade elements of the project. I worked on a myriad of areas both in the Shell team and others.

Although the work I did ranged from design, construction drawings, presentations, 3d modeling, and everything in between. I decided to present two tasks that I believe demonstrate the type of value I can bring to an organization.



One of the biggest challenges of working on this project was the fact that the Architectural and Structural team where based in two different cities. Communication was made further difficult due to the 8 hour time difference between the two offices. When I joined into the team, there were a lot of pending structural editing requests that hindered out ability to move forward in certain parts of the project.

I put together a template for documenting the request in a way that pinpointing exactly where the issue was in the project. I compiled all the issues into a package that included an appendix so that the structural team cross out the box of each corresponding issue that gets resolved. After forwarding the package to the structural team, we saw issue after issue get resolved. The document became an invaluable means of communication with the structural team and was an ongoing work in progress that I kept adding to as more issues arose.


meydan conflict 2 meydan conflict 2 meydan conflict 3 meydan conflict 4



The section to the right showcases a sample section that I was tasked to figure out the connection details for.

The challenging part about this task was that I am not trained in structural details of construction. I looked at many construction details from past built projects and stitched together first draft solution.

bare section

Having done the structural coordination request package earlier allowed me to get acquainted with some of the structural members in the Dubai office. This enabled me to directly email some members my detail proposal and get feedback from them by the following morning.

Additionally, I had to communicate with various in-house teams of the project in order to understand how one component fit with another.

finished section
before+after sections